Monday, November 21, 2005

Outside the Box Beauty Tips are some of the stranger beauty tips that I've collected and actually tried.

Weird Tip #1. Exfoliating your skin with a clean towel. I actually read about this tip years ago in some anti-aging skin book. And then in a recent issue of First magazine, I stumbled on that same tip: The rough surface of a towel can help you shed rough skin.

It works like this: Wash your face. Let it dry. Then using an UPWARD stroke, rub a wash cloth or towel against your face. It's important to stroke upwards because, according to the magazine, that upward motion lifts off the dead, dry skin patches that sit like roof shingles on your face. Be gentle. You're not sanding down rough wood.

Outcome: I've been trying it for the last few days and it really works. My face actually feels softer and not so dry.

Weird Tip #2: Why buy expensive Aloe-based skin treatments? Just buy an Aloe plant and cut off (small) snippets of the leaves. Open up the fat, juicy pulpy leaves. There's a gooey, slimy coating inside that really tightens, softens and moisturizes the skin. Let the gooey stuff dry and harden on your face. Then wash it off. A much older woman told me about this trick.

Outcome: Wow! A friend who had not seen me for awhile asked what I was doing. I explained. I bet she went to the nursery to pick up her own Aloe plant.

Of course, in sub-tropical Florida, Aloe plants are in abundance. But if you can't find one, count your blessings. Sure, fresh Aloe is great for pimples and as a face- tightening mask. But honey, the gooey pulp stuff smells like body odor. My husband hates it when I give myself Aloe treatments. So, I apply the Aloe when I'm home alone.

Well, I have lots of other tips:

But, hey, nothing beats elbow grease. My skin looks best when I regularly exercise (and gets lots of rest and water.)

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