Friday, November 25, 2005

More on Washcloths and Exfoliation

I'm obsessed with washcloths. The rough surface of terry cloth really works wonder for the skin. What a cheap and safe way to remove dead, dull, flaky cells from your face! I'm so loving this tip, which I've picked up from an old anti-aging book and a recent issue of First magazine.

For more details about how to exfoliate your face with a wash cloth, please go to my 11/21/05 post entitled: Outside the Box Beauty Tips.

And now, last night, I picked up the December issue of Allure magazine and there was yet another piece about washcloths and exfoliation:

In Beauty 101 (p. 68) Allure offers this tip. STEP ONE for a great mouth: "Exofliate [lips] with a damp, soft washcloth before applying color."

And then again on in the beauty "Cheat Sheet," the magazine editors offer the same advice: "Gently massage lips with a damp, soft washcloth for several secords to sweep away flakes."

Rough terry cloth edges are keeping my face looking fresh and I'm collecting more evidence about this cheap exfoliating process. I'll ask a dermatologist for the 411.

Watch this space!


Jennifer said...

Wow.... i never ever had heard of it before... great tip...It could be preety helpful in Anti Aging Treatments Exfloitation....
I really love your article...i found great articles from you blog..
Thanks for those great articles

Elliott Broidy said...

Nice tip!