Sunday, November 12, 2006

Asian Beuaty Secrets

I was stunned to find out that one of the lead actresses from the movie version of Memoirs of Geisha was 40 years old. She looks half her age.

I'm not alone in my amazement. In the November issue of More, Sandy Thompson, a 43-year-old marketeing executive, makes a similar observation based on a trip to Hong Kong

"I turned 40 in Hong Kong and was surprised to find that mature Asian women didn't look nearly their age." --Sandy Thompson, More magazine (Nov. 2006)

Here are a few of the Asian beauty secrets that she discovered:

1) Drinking Bird's Nest---a beverage made from bird's saliva. (No, thanks!)

2) Consume lots of green tea (There's a cup of green tea steeping on the table as I write this)

3) Facials!!!

4) Heels!

5) Makeup

6) No blazers!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My New Look

Here's my frugal makeover, courtesy of Beta Blogger.