Sunday, November 20, 2005

Frugal Beauty Product Picks

So vain, yet so thrifty!
That's the story of my face!

For years, I threw thrift out the window. I was strictly a high-end girl. I purchased beauty products at luxurious day spas, upscale department stores and specialty shops.

I did not blink my mascara-dipped lashes at the thought of a triple-digit price tag ($100 and higher) for a beauty item.

Then one day in the face of higher debt and tight finances, I stared down my reflection with this tough question: Your money or Your Face?

Fortunately, we don't have to make that tough call. My very-downwardly mobile makeup bag and beauty bin are proof. You don't have to create (horrible, horrible) new money-worry wrinkles while smoothing out your face.

Really. It doesn't have to cost a lot to feel beautiful. Besides real beauty comes from inside, the rest is just makeup and fiction.

So on a regular basis, I will post Frugal Beauty Tips from makeup artists, magazines, books and real-women, who look great. I will also post info on sales, product reviews and other beauty nonsense that I love so much. I’m such a girly, girly.

With that in mind, I bring you a fabulous list from a summer issue of Celebrity Living Weekly:

"Big Buck$ vs. Little Buck$"

Skin Hydration/Restoration
Big-Ticket Pick: $400 for AmorePacific Time Response Crème
Low-Ticket Option: $13 Pond’s Time Rewind

Skin Protection/Healing
Big-Ticket Pick: $1,200 Crème de la Mer
Low-Ticket Option: $23 Good Skin All Firm Moisture

Skin that Glows
Big-Ticket Pick: $500 Kanebo Sensai Ex La Creme
Low-Ticket Option: $11 Dove Fresh Radiance Moisturizer

Big-Ticket Pick: $470 Orlane Hypnotherapy
Low-Ticket Option: $14 Palmer’s Skin Success Stress Cream

Skin Smoother
Big-Ticket Pick: $379 Dermagenetics DNA Night Cream
Low-Ticket Option: $20 L’Oreal Wrinkle De-Crease SPF Lotion

source: June 27, 2005 Celebrity Living

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Todra said...

Love this post. I write about how to cut cost and time with beauty products for magazines and my blog. I was a celebrity makeup artist for many years and strictly used the expensive stuff (I got it for free) but later had to find alternatives. My customers love that I can tell them both the high end and the drugstore equivalent (if there is one) for the products they like. Great blog. How do you maintain, like, four of them and write a column???

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...


Thanks so much for your comments.
I appreciate your insights (straight from the frontlines of beauty).

Time management: I meditate and schedule my day in 15-minute blocks of time.

I'm so naturally disorganized that in order to cope, I've become an organization freak, which creates more time.

But you must have a lot on your plate also! I will check out your site and stay in touch

Michael Benidt said...

Great Blog Post. I did a search for one of the impossibly expensive products in a Wall Street Journal article today called "What Price Beauty?" Here's the link to the article
The third result of that search was your blog article - which every single reader of that WSJ article should be able to see. Too bad they won't.

Thanks for the great comparisons,
Michael Benidt