Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Frugal Zit Zappers & Baby Wipes

Cheap Zit Zapper

Anyway: Weeks ago I came across this pimple-zapping tip in a women’s magazine called First. The Oct. 17th issue featured this somewhat bizarre recipe for zapping ugly red blemishes

1. Apply an ice cube to the pimple. Hold ice on zit for 30 seconds.

2. Press cotton ball soaked in eye drops liquid onto blemish. Hold in place for three (LONG) minutes.

It really works! I tried it on a red (ugh!) blemish on my nose. Gone, Gone. The procedure also tested successfully on a teenager.

Rationale: According to First, the 1-2 punch of ice and eye drops makes the blood vessels contract. This below the surface action reduces the size and redness of a pimple.

Hey! It’s cheaper and more effective than other blemish solutions that I’ve tried.

Also: Baby Wipes are Awesome

Beauty industry insiders use wipes for many tasks during fashion photo shoots and I know why! Baby wipes are great for taking off makeup and they leave your skin soooo smooth.

Consider the evidence: Baby wipes have to be strong enough to clean up diaper mess, but yet the cloth and solution have to be gentle enough for newborn and toddler skin. Bingo! Wipes are perfect for treating the faces of aging beauty queens, hormone-crazy teenagers and everyone in between.

They're great on low-level acne as well. During Hurricane Wilma, my household was temporarily out of our favorite pimple pads, which cost about $3 to $5 a jar for a small container of circular pads.

So, we used baby wipes. Our assorted acne issues cleared up pretty good! And the wipes were cheap and large. (Rip 'em in half for more mileage.) We used Pampers, but I'm sure the other brands and generic wipes will work just as well.

I'll experiment. Hey, I'm fearless and frugal with my face.


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