Thursday, December 01, 2005

Supermodel Beauty Tips

Tips from Gisele and Makeup Artist Pat McGrath

Y'all know the deal: Beauty magazines are pushing products. Plain & Simple: They want us to buy more stuff for our faces.

But despite the product-pushing propaganda, there are lots of nuggets out there.

For example, I clipped out page 162 from the Oct. issue of Harper's Bazaar. And if you can't find it in the library, here is my lip-line summary:

Lip Brushes

Gisele Says: Lip brushes are great for dotting on concealer. "The narrow point allows you to be very precise--much better than using your fingers."

Gisele Recommends: A $14.50 Retractable Lip Brush from Victoria's Secrets.

Frugal Duchess Commentary: Great tip! Precision is everything when you're trying to cover an ugly pimple or scar. HOWEVER, at, I found a Revlon lip brush for $8.50 and I'm sure that if I shopped around just a little bit more, I could beat that price. I have also spotted lip brushes for as much as $36, so Gisele's selection is fairly frugal, but not the best bargain out there.


Gisele Says: "Nothing controls shine better than makeup primer."
Gisele Recommends: Aura Science Airbrush Primer: $22

Frugal Duchess Commentary: She is so right about primer. (Controls shine and makes your pores look smaller.) However, I have a cheaper product pick. On that same page of Harper's Bazaar, maven makeup artist Pat McGrath raves about the two-step foundation offered by CoverGirl Outlast Liquid Makeup ($8.99). This two step-product includes a wonderful moisturizing primer, with a built-in sunscreen. (Several products for the price of one.)

I have not tried the Aura Science Airbrush Primer, but I have tried the CoverGirl product. It works great; it's cheap and it's highly recommended by a celebrity makeup artist. McGrath says the CoverGirl product provides up to 10 hours of face time without that icky pancake look.


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