Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yoga: My new Botox

Yoga is great for my skin. It diminishes the parenthesis ( 0 ) around my mouth.

I've noticed this on several occassions. Here's the drill: When I do a yoga routine before bed, my face looks so unlined in the morning. So rested.

Who needs botox when relaxation exercises and deep breathing take the tension out of your face?

I take a few yoga classes a week and I work out with a tape sometimes before bedtime.

Then I sleep well.


The Spring of Life said...

Hello Again Dear Frugal Duchess of Beauty!

Thank You so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. I came back to Your blog and found that You had left me 2 answers to my first comment months ago! I'm so sorry I didn't read them before... but better late than never! :)

I am so glad You are moving towards more natural beauty products. They work. Since I started to write my book "Healing Plants & Healing Promises" I have found so much more new information about synthetic substances in our food, home-care products, skin-care, make-up and so on causing many serious illnesses in our lives. So, it is always great to hear about others - like You - who are helping consumers to understand the danger of synthetic substances.

I so agree with Your last post also! Yes, relaxation - deep relaxation - keeps our faces smooth much longer. I find that reading the Bible and the promises of God help me relax and trust my life day by day to His hands. When we stop worrying and thinking too much, we relax... and our facial muscles relax too... and our whole being gets to be renewd! :)

Thank You for Your post! ...I understand that You are also writing a book?! What is it about? So interesting!

I wish You many blessings and great success in the great job You are doing!

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